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zero-splitHere at Hoskins Brick we are pleased to announce we’ve formally launched the innovative Zero Brick range in the UK, in exclusive partnership with Belgian brick manufacturers, Vandersanden.

The Zero brick offers designers an aesthetic solution that the contractor can produce in a traditional way. We believe the ZERO Brick is set to change perceptions of joint-free bricklaying in the UK.

Whilst there are other solutions for joint-free brickwork on the market, such as gluing, dry stacking and thin bed mortar, the primary issue with these is that the contractor has to learn a new brick-laying technique. This additional investment in training as well as new materials has resulted in many contractors holding back on these techniques.

However, with the ZERO Brick, the contractor can simply continue to use their trowel and mortar in much the same way as traditional bricklaying. The concept is simple; there is an extra-large hollow at the top of the brick to which standard mortar is easily applied, making it possible to reduce the joint thickness to 4mm, creating a near joint-free look.

We have no doubt the ZERO Brick will prove popular. Until now, a joint thickness lower than 6mm was only possible through the laborious method of gluing.
With a striking finish and scaffolding kept to a minimum, it is anticipated that by removing the common barriers to joint-free bricklaying, architects can achieve the striking look of joint-free brickwork.

The Zero Brick is available in 17 different colours, and can achieve a taut, impeccable facade that gets the most out of the roughness and natural charm of brick. The apparent lack of mortar on show means that the facade stays looking fresh for longer and the narrow open lap-joints provide excellent ventilation of the cavity.

The ratio between length and width of the ZERO Brick is ideal for laying bricks in a half brick bond with 90 bricks per m² required.

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