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Drayton Cream 4Hoskins Brick has quite literally made conservation history. Being the first brick of its kind to be used instead of stone at such a high profile conservation programme, Hoskins Brick’s Drayton Cream is lining Every Street in the Whitefield area of Nelson, Lancashire.

Over 60,000 Drayton Cream bricks have already been used to build several new dwellings along Every St and Albert St in Whitefield. As part of a multi-million pound transformation of the former textile workers’ terraced housing area, it is essential the new builds are commensurate with the traditional 19th Century stone architecture of Nelson.

The decision to use Hoskins Brick’s high quality yellow soft-facing brick, Drayton Cream, followed a rigorous consultation process, as architect Richard King from John McCall Architects, comments:

“It was absolutely essential we engaged with various stakeholders to identify the right type of brick. After all, not only is Whitefield of significant historic and architectural interest, this is the first time brick has been chosen over stone. Achieving just the right look and feel with brick was never going to be a straight-forward process.

“However, local Heritage identified that Hoskins Brick’s Drayton Cream had already been used at Burnley Central Job Centre a few years ago, and it matched the exact specifications for the Whitefield conservation programme.

“Following extensive consultation with the local community, English Heritage, Pendle Borough Council and the Princes Foundation, Drayton Cream was officially identified as the brick of choice.”

Rob Hoskins, Commercial Director of Hoskins Brick, adds:

“During the manufacturing process, specific types of sand are used for surface covering, to create a consistent colour and finish. This was particularly appealing to the partner agencies involved who were looking for a brick providing a high level of consistency for the 19th Century style terraced housing.”

The redevelopment of Albert St Every St forms part of multi-agency regeneration programme in the Whitefield area of Nelson. The Victorian terraced houses have literally been transformed into modern, spacious homes that meet the needs and aspirations of modern day living whilst retaining and enhancing their traditional appearance.

To date, 12 affordable houses – where have been brought back to life using Drayton Cream bricks, with a further 12 to complete the rest of the development.

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