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Zero Bricks

The ZERO concept incorporates a specially manufactured facing brick; the Zero brick has an extra large hollow at the top into which the mortar is applied, allowing you to offer a near joint-free look. The normal brickwork joint width of 10 to 15 mm is reduced to just 4 to 6 mm and the side joints are left open.

The strength of the ZERO concept is its simplicity, which means that the contractor can easily implement the architect’s creative concept.

ZERO is an innovative design in brick that gives a near joint free appearance. The final look is striking and smooth; however it is laid in the traditional manner requiring no extra skills or specialist tools.

In addition:

  • Lack of mortar on show means that the facade stays fresh and new looking for longer.Zero Brick
  • Standard mortar can be used
  • The narrow, open lap-joints provide excellent ventilation of the cavity
  • No special tools are needed
  • There are no significant changes in the details of construction

Bricks manufactured for the ZERO concept come in a range of colours.

Zero Brick Colours

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For more details on the ZERO range, please visit the Vandersanden website by clicking the image below

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